Bug #563

Regular/Dependent fields problem

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January 14, 2013
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There is a definite bug in Admin > Manage Fields specifically when a Parent/Dependent structure is used.

On first attempt), the Manage Field will show Dependent Fields. Then I select Depedent fields e.g. Company, Website etc. But once I save the changes, the Depedent fields are set to "regular" once again. I can see this change happening in the "fields" table

Secondly, Parent-Dependent relation that was meant to be added to "fields_relations" table never happens. Currently, for my system to work I am manually entering the "Parent-Dependent" records in "fields_relations" table

This is definitely a bug. Resultantly, I can't use the Admin panel to manage Dependent fields... I am entering the sql records manually.

There is an additional bug related to this: When adding a Depedent field (Regular: Off), I can select the Parent field values and it does add these relations in "fields_relations". But it does *not* set the [extras] field to value "realestate". So, again I have to manually edit the sql tables to fix this.



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Fixed. commit:0ccc5a2

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