Feature #613

Updated by Vasily Bezruchkin about 8 years ago

I write to you because i find something that it would be better to adjust to next releases.
When i create a multilanguage site with subrion let's say english and greek what happends:

When i am on english language the is "en" on source code, when i change language and go to greek language the source code don't became but stay the same . Please try to fix this issue for every language, because subrion is really nice cms.

You could optimize and the Meta-description & Meta-keywords for different languages, it will be very nice and the seo will rock, every language will have differents meta tags.

A last thing, i try to write an article with greek letters, but in the source code the greek letters appears like this:
" ?? ??????? ??? ??????, ???? ????? ??? ???????? ??? ?? ??? ????!

I have try to insert the default iso charset for pages in iso-8859-7 but i had the same result.
By the way my mysql is on utf-8_general_ci
Did you have any solution for this? I make any mistake?
What di you think about the first propose? it's a good idea? Subrion the perfect myltilanguage cms :)

Initial request: TICKET ID EYC-302-27229