How to create PHP pages manually

Below you will find instructions on how to manually create pages within Subrion CMS.

In this particular example we will use sample-page.php and template-page-sample.tpl files.
Further you can set any names for these files.

1. Create a new php file [subrion_folder]/front/page-sample.php

Insert the code below into the file:


// the line below will print template-page-sample.tpl file

2. Create a new tpl file [subrion_folder]/templates/common/template-page-sample.tpl

Also the file can be placed within a folder of your current template to make the layout of the page unique for this template.

Let's insert some html code into the file:

<p>This is a sample page.</p>

3. Go to Admin Panel -> Quick Jump -> MySql Tools. Open pages table. Click "New Item" and insert the data as displayed at the image below:

Click "Insert".

4. You should find the inserted data in Admin Panel -> Manage Pages. Click edit button next to the record.

Edit the title and menus.
Click "Save" button.

4. Go to Front-End and find the link in the main menu. Click it. You should be redirected to the created page:

That's it!

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