Debug Mode

There are two ways to activate debug mode in Subrion CMS. In this article I will try to explain each of them.

Global debug mode

You can simply enable total debug mode in includes/ file. Find the line below and change 0 to 1

define("INTELLI_DEBUG", 0);

Please note this mode activates debug mode for the whole script and everybody can see the debug information. Use it carefully on test sites only.

User specific debug mode

You can enable debug mode for your account only. It creates a session for your visitor and you can see the debug information only. Highly recommended for customer websites.
You need to run the following query in order to activate it:

UPDATE `{prefix}config` SET `value` = 'subrion' WHERE `name` = 'debug_pass';

Once you run this query you need to clear your script cache - Admin Panel -> Clear Cache. You can activate it by passing 'subrion' value to GET 'debugger' param

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