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Revision 2 (Vasily Bezruchkin, February 02, 2017 00:16) → Revision 3/5 (Batyr Mackenov, February 08, 2017 22:11)

h1. Migration to version 4.1

h2. Smarty

h4. printImage

'printImage' call has been replaced by 'ia_image' function. All the arguments remain the same except the following:

— 'imgfile' parameter should be replaced to just 'file'

— 'field' parameter introduced - standard array with field settings, should be passed where possible. Information how to display the image will be brought from these settings.

- 'type' param can be passed. Default is 'thumbnail', large or original can be also passed

h2. PHP

h4. iaCore::factoryPackage() and iaCore::factoryPlugin()

No more naming classes in plural, all class names should be written in singular. 'Factory' methods perform replacement the next char of underscore symbol in arguments to capital letter, for example if class name is 'iaCartItem', then argument should be passed as 'cart_item' and file name should be 'ia.admin.cart_item.php'.

h4. iaPicture::processImage()

The new 'iaField::uploadImage()' should be used by plugins instead.

h4. iaPicture::delete()

Should be replaced by 'iaField::deleteUploadedFile()'.