Subrion Notification Boxes

Notification Boxes are displayed after action is completed. They could be of three types:

  • error - used when error is occured during form processing
  • notification - used when action successfully completed
  • exclamation - predefined exclamation type notification box

In order to display notification box you should use the following smarty function:


It has three params:

  • type - error or notif or STRING - it will be used for the class in your notification.tpl file
  • msg - string or array of messages to display
  • ordered - if true uses ordered list

Please use it everywhere in the script.

SMARTY: {sbr_notification type=$type msg=$msg ordered=true}

PHP: if ($error) { $error = true; $msg[] = 'Error happens!'; } else { $error = false; $msg[] = 'Action happens!'; }

No need to define new variables. $msg and $error are used by default. No need to pass their values to smarty

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