Page Actions Buttons

To display certain action buttons you should create an array $pageActions in appropriate php file:

$pageActions[] = array('icon' => 'icon-plus-sign',
                        'title' => 'Add Item',
                        'url' => IA_URL . 'add/',
                        'classes' => 'class1 class2'
$pageActions[] = array('icon' => 'icon-rss',
                        'title' => '',
                        'url' => IA_PACKAGE_URL . 'rss/' . $rss_feed
$pageActions[] = array('icon' => 'icon-plus',
                        'title' => 'Hidden Link',
                        'url' => IA_URL,
                        'divider' => '1'

icon is corresponding icon class from the list of available icon classes of twitter bootstrap (
title is the text that comes next to icon.
url is the link to the page you will be redirected to by clicking on the button.
classes is additional classes for the button. Should be represented by string of classes separated with whitespaces.

If there are more then 2 buttons the third and following buttons will be hidden under the dropdown list.
For the hidden buttons you can use divider set to '1' to make the button separated from the buttons above.

NOTE: At the end you should assign created array to a smarty variable 'page_actions':

$iaView->assign('page_actions', $pageActions);

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