When any image is uploaded using Subrion system it creates 2 files (a full image and its thumbnail) and stores them in the @subrion_folder/uploads/

To print these images use the following syntax:

{printImage imgfile=$image_path width='180' height='180' title=$image_title}

@imgfile parameter is used to specify the path to the image file.
E.g. if a file is located in @subrion_folder/uploads/icons/myimage.jpg the @imgfile should be without @subrion_folder/uploads/ as following: uploads/icons/myimage.jpg

@width parameter is used to specify a width of the printed image.
@height parameter is used to specify a height of the printed image.
Ignore the both parameters if you want a picture to have its original sizes.

@title parameter is used to specify title and alt attributes of the printed image.
Also @alt parameter is used to specify alt attribute despite of @title setting. May be ignored.

By default the function prints an image's thumbnail.
In order to print a full-size image set parameter @fullimage to true:

{printImage imgfile=$image_path fullimage=true title=$image_title alt=$image_alt}

If you want the function to print just an image's URL set pararmeter @url to true:

<a href="{printImage imgfile=$image_path fullimage=true url=true title=$image_title}">Click to see the image</a>

Usually we use a combination of the same function to print a clickable picture's thumbnail. On click a full image is open:

<a href="{printImage imgfile=$image_path fullimage=true url=true title=$image_title}">
    {printImage imgfile=$image_path alt=$image_title}

To make it open a full image on click in a pop-up frame add rel="ia_lightbox" attribute to the «a» tag:

<a href="{printImage imgfile=$image_path fullimage=true url=true title=$image_title}" rel="ia_lightbox[{$image_title}]">
    {printImage imgfile=$image_path title=$image_title}

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