System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements needed before installation of Subrion CMS can be successful. If you hesitate what hosting services to choose please check our recommended hosting companies.

Server information

  • Apache 2.0.x or above (mod_rewrite), Microsoft IIS (ISAPIRewrite 3), nginx
  • MySQL 4.1.x or above
  • PHP 5.2.x or above (GD, XML, zlib, php-pecl-zip libraries)

PHP Configuration

  • PHP memory of 64MB
  • The PHP extension for connecting to your MySQL database needs to be enabled
  • PHP XML extension
  • PHP Freetype needs to be enabled
  • GD library is needed for image manipulation (resizing user pictures, images and captcha)
  • PHP PECL Zip needs to be installed and enabled

On remote, hosted or dedicated servers the configuration and availability of these applications will depend on the host provider or the operating system that is installed upon the server. If you encounter a problem with your hosting provider and the use of Subrion CMS check the user forums to see if other users have experienced the particular issue and what their solution was.

Subrion CMS can be used with alternative web servers such as Microsoft Internet Information Service but it would require ISAPIRewirite 3 to support SEO friendly URLs.

Most of known and popular hostings can be used for Subrion software. There is no specific option in the system requirements. You can also ask our support staff to check if your hosting plan can be used for the software. Checking service requires NO FEE!

Local Testing

If installing on your home or office computer (for local testing only) there are a number of packages for the various operating systems that will assist in establishing these requirements.

  • XAMPP - multi-platform - Apache, MySQL, PHP, installation.
  • LAMP - Linux platform - Apache, MySQL, PHP, installation.
  • WAMP - Windows platform - Apache, MySQL, PHP, installation.

Install each of the components separately and configure them all to work together.
For particular issues or to see if a particular combination of programs meet the necessary criteria check the support forums to see if anyone else has succeeded with this task.

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