Templates Installation Guide.


In this article I will try to cover Subrion Templates installation.

Starting from 3.1.1 version Subrion CMS has the 'Remote Template Installation' feature. It allows to install any available template in seconds.

There are several steps you need to perform to install any template:

1) log into the Subrion Admin Panel

2) go to Extensions -> Templates

3) choose the needed template and click on 'Download' button


4) after template files will be downloaded click on 'Activate' button


That's all.

NOTE. Some templates are designed specifically for certain packages. So please be careful when choosing a template for any package. For example, Corked template is designed for YP package only. You will not be able to install this template to the site with another package.

If you have problems please submit a ticket. We will try to help asap!

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