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October 18, 2017

00:48 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #1832: Add one more debug status
Well, re-targeted for the new version. We would need to implement PSR compliant classes for the debug logger etc. Vasily Bezruchkin

October 17, 2017

02:10 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #1439 (Closed): Add plugin dependency for templates
Multiple dependencies can be added as follows:
<dependency type="plugin" exist="1">quiz</dependency>
Vasily Bezruchkin
01:58 Subrion Opensource CMS Bug #2176 (Closed): Number field issues
The issue is not actual anymore. Looks like it's resolved. Vasily Bezruchkin

October 11, 2017

06:08 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #541 (Closed): Different Page Title vs Meta Title
Implemented. Vasily Bezruchkin

October 07, 2017

01:24 Subrion Opensource CMS Bug #1546 (Closed): Plugins grid does not resize columns on window resizing
We don't have a grid for plugins page anymore. Issue obsolete. Vasily Bezruchkin

July 19, 2017

03:43 Subrion Opensource CMS Wiki edit: PackagesInstallation (#3)
Vasily Bezruchkin

July 18, 2017

01:25 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #1774 (Rejected): Transactions over HTTPS
Not actual anymore. Google recommends to switch to HTTPS if you have an account system. It's de-facto standard for ma... Vasily Bezruchkin
01:22 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #1899 (Closed): Minor usability improvements
Done. This section is improved. Looks fine now. Vasily Bezruchkin
01:20 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #684 (Closed): Add plans for plugins
Plans are created for items. Items can be created in plugins now. So we consider this task to be completed. Vasily Bezruchkin
01:19 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #993 (Rejected): Add file controller
This is actually related to fields. iaField class does the same validation, and plugins are allowed to have items now... Vasily Bezruchkin

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