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November 28, 2016

05:07 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #921 (Rejected): Add a way to search through plugin generated content
Rejected as a duplicate of Gleb Surinov
04:39 Subrion Opensource CMS Bug #971 (Resolved): Same names for blocks and menus
Resolved. Now we have an alert if a name of block/menu is present in database. Gleb Surinov
04:37 Subrion Opensource CMS Bug #2237 (Resolved): There is no way to have only Login and Register links in the Inventory menu
This is totally up to template designer now.
Use layout.tpl or render-menu.tpl to show login/registration links pro...
Gleb Surinov
04:28 Subrion Opensource CMS Bug #2434 (Resolved): Featured item expiration functionality is not implemented
Implemented Gleb Surinov
04:26 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #204: Multilingual metas for pages
Don't forget that we also need multilingual metas for every content that generates pages (blogposts, items) Gleb Surinov
04:26 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #613 (Rejected): Multilingual issues
Bugs with locales are fixed.
For multilingual Metas and keywords, please refer to: Fea...
Gleb Surinov
04:11 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #677 (Resolved): Improve Phrase manager
This is done. Gleb Surinov
04:07 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #1692 (Rejected): Implement Multilingual Titles for menus
Rejecting, as it is a duplicate of Feature #2206 Gleb Surinov
04:05 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #1730 (Rejected): New content slider
Rejecting this issue.
Based on our experience for past 2 years, it is better to keep such plugins in...
Gleb Surinov
04:01 Subrion Opensource CMS Feature #2109 (Resolved): Make posible to set title for blocks in different languages
Partially done. Titles for HTML blocks can be changed for each language when editing/creating block.
For php/smart...
Gleb Surinov

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