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February 20, 2017

00:53 Yellow Pages Script Feature #1688 (Closed): Implement feature will allow to add company fields to Search functionality of YP package (not to the common search)
Not actual anymore.
We already have Refine Search for these needs.
Andrew Gorshechnikov

October 04, 2016

06:35 Auto Classified Script Bug #2284 (Resolved): Ability to see the approval listing as guest
Fixed in commit 8c7eb89e178fc1cee0c82aa3f07e225bb76265f5
Andrew Gorshechnikov

September 26, 2016

04:47 Yellow Pages Script Bug #2277 (Resolved): Fix the canadian locations dump
Fixed in commit a457a18a3335317bf30d009de5b67fa137dce9c0
Andrew Gorshechnikov

September 06, 2016

06:27 Web Directory Feature #2409 (Resolved): Crossed categories
Implemented in the commits below:
Andrew Gorshechnikov

September 02, 2016

05:01 Articles Script Feature #2467 (New): Add feature that will allow to add category pages to menus
We need to have categories list in the *Pages* section on Add / Edit menu page.
Andrew Gorshechnikov

August 17, 2016

06:36 Articles Script Feature #2412 (Feedback): Implement Refine Search block
Refine Search block has been implemented in commit #b451697af8a9690bc8364b6a450c727947b3ddcb.
Testings needed.
Andrew Gorshechnikov

August 16, 2016

04:39 Real Estate Classifieds Bug #2456 (Resolved): First, previous, next and last buttons doesn't work on the Search estates page
Fixed in commit Andrew Gorshechnikov

July 18, 2016

04:25 Articles Script Bug #2461 (Resolved): My Articles page doesn't work
*My articles* page (../profile/articles/) doesn't work as it has incorrect SQL query:... Andrew Gorshechnikov

July 08, 2016

06:40 Auto Classified Script Bug #2458 (Resolved): 404 eror on add service / part pages via FrontEnd
There is 404 eror on add service / part pages via FrontEnd if *'Services / Parts auto approval'* configs disabled.
Andrew Gorshechnikov

July 01, 2016

02:21 Real Estate Classifieds Bug #2457 (Closed): Incorrect working of Compare listings message
After clicking on 'Mark to compare' link listing is added to Compare listings list but message still contains this ph... Andrew Gorshechnikov

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