Warwick Evans



April 29, 2016

00:57 Real Estate Classifieds Bug #2443 (Closed): Featured Listings expiry date not working
Featured listings remain as "featured" even though expiry date has passed. Warwick Evans

April 02, 2016

23:32 Real Estate Classifieds Bug #2427 (New): Individual location cannot be deleted
There is no way for admin to delete an individual location. It has to be edited and deactivated instead. This is unsa... Warwick Evans

March 30, 2016

12:37 Real Estate Classifieds Bug #2423 (Closed): Real Estate 4.0.1 Commas missing in price values and area values
Commas are missing in price and area values of 1,000 and greater, although they are correct for price values in detai... Warwick Evans

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